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Benmore Shuttle Service


Taxi George will run a Sunday shuttle service for Benmore Gardens. The shuttle is the vehicle in the headline of this web page and can carry up to 8 passengers. If there are more than 8 at any given time I will either do the required number of runs or co opt another vehicle to assist. This shuttle will depart from the old (black) bus shelters at the car park beside the old pier.

The cost is £3.50 per person, each way.





Depart Dunoon                                                Depart Benmore


1200hrs                                                           1215hrs(must be booked)Call


1300hrs                                                           1315hrs(must be booked)Call


1345hrs (to meet tour at 1400hrs)                  1415hrs(must be booked)Call

                                                                        1500hrs(must be booked)Call

                                                                        1700hrs(must be booked)Call

                                                                        1800hrs(must be booked)Call 


The vehicle is also Wheelchair/Disabled friendly.

PETS are welcome provided others on the same fare do not object.

Taxi George Dunoon Benmore House
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